⌚️A nice tutorial app for WatchOS(WatchKit), in swift 5.0.

Watch-App-Sampler has supported WatchOS 5.0 and Swift 5.0.

If you want to learn how to develop WathKit app, this tutorial app is the best choice.

watchapp demo

This tutorial provides a comprehensive guide to developing WatchKit apps using the Watch App Sampler. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced iOS developer, this tutorial is designed to help you explore and master the intricacies of WatchKit app development.

With the Watch App Sampler as our tool of choice, we delve into the various features and capabilities of WatchKit, the framework for building apps for Apple Watch. Step-by-step, we walk you through the process of creating engaging and functional apps specifically tailored for the Apple Watch.

Through this tutorial, you will gain a deep understanding of the core concepts, user interface design, and interaction patterns unique to WatchKit. We cover topics such as creating complications, designing custom watch faces, implementing glances, and integrating with iOS apps for seamless user experiences across devices.

With the help of the Watch App Sampler, a valuable resource providing code samples and interactive demonstrations, you’ll get hands-on experience in building real-world WatchKit apps. From basic to advanced features, you’ll learn how to leverage the power of the Apple Watch and create compelling experiences for your users.

Whether you’re looking to expand your iOS development skills or explore the exciting world of wearable technology, this tutorial equips you with the knowledge and practical guidance needed to develop innovative WatchKit apps. Get ready to embark on an exciting journey of WatchKit app development with the Watch App Sampler tutorial.


Contents of WatchKit


Table and ItemRow.

tableview in watchkit


Notification development contains static and dynamic Interface.

notification in watchkit


There are 33 templates for apple watch.

complications in watchkit


Make a connectivity between watch to iPhone, send and recieve messages.

connectivity in watchkit

Net Request

Show image until it has been download completely.

post request in watchkit


Menus and actions.

menus in watchkit


The type of Gesture, including TapGesture, LongPressGesture, SwipeGesture, PanGesture.

gesture in WatchKit


Three alert style and AlertAction.

alert in WatchKit


The Style of picker and PickerItem.

imagepicker in WatchKit

Progress made by picker and images.

progress in WatchKit


Make a animation to WKInterfaceObject.

animation in WatchKit

Text input and Voice input

Input text in Voice or handwriting.

text in WatchKit

Voice Player

player in WatchKit

Movie Player

movie player in WatchKit

Inline Movie Player

movie player in WatchKit


Record voice and save voice.

recording in WatchKit

Tel or SMS

Call or send SMS by watch.

send sms in WatchKit


Monitor the detail of accelermeter on watch.

accelermeter in WatchKit

Device Motion

Monitor many types of device data on watch, like gravity, attitude, magnetism, rotationRate, acceleration…

device motion in WatchKit


Get the details of your attitude, floor, speed…

location in WatchKit


Use the map feature on your watch.

map in WatchKit


Read your heart rate by watch, and record the data.

healthkit in WatchKit

Motion Activity

Read your motion activity, which is is walking, running, or cycling…

motion activity in WatchKit


Drow complex image by Quatz2D on watch.

draw image in WatchKit


Drow gradient image by UIGraphic.

gradation in WatchKit

Others WatchKit

Data Storage, Background Task, Types of Haptic, Pedometer…


  • Swift 5.0
  • Xcode 10+
  • iOS 10.0+
  • watchOS 5.0+



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