Translate text app Using MLKit SwiftUI App

SwiftUI Translate application using MLKit Language Identification & Translator app

SwiftUI Translate text app repository contains a SwiftUI project that demonstrates the implementation of a translator app using MLKit, a machine learning framework by Google.

Inside the repository, you’ll find a comprehensive codebase showcasing how to integrate MLKit with SwiftUI to build a translation application.

The project leverages MLKit’s powerful language identification and translation models to enable users to input text, detect the language, and translate it into another language.

SwiftUI Translate app

The “SwiftUIMLKitTranslator” project demonstrates best practices for incorporating MLKit into a SwiftUI app, handling user interactions, and managing the translation process.

It provides an intuitive user interface where users can input text, initiate the translation, and view the translated output in real-time.

The repository also includes necessary dependencies, documentation, and instructions on how to set up and run the project successfully.

Developers interested in MLKit integration within SwiftUI will find this repository a valuable resource and a starting point for their own translation app development.

Inside the repository, you’ll find the complete source code, organized into different directories and files. The code demonstrates the implementation of various components and features required for building a translation app, such as text input fields, language detection, and translation logic.

Requirements of Translate App

  • Xcode 11
  • iOS 13

Getting Started

  • Clone the Repository
  • Register for Firebase
  • Create new Firebase project
  • Create iOS App in Firebase console
  • Copy GoogleService-Info.plist file into the Xcode project
  • Run pod install
  • Build and run the project


SwiftUI Translate

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