Building a Feature-Rich News App with iOS and Swift

Daily News

Daily News is a news app with good looking user interface ! Apps architecture is MVVM and used RxSwift for binding.

In this tutorial, we will give you Github source code link of developed news app using Swift for iOS.

You’ll learn how to build a high-performing, user-friendly news app that offers seamless navigation, real-time news updates, personalized preferences, and engaging content.

From fetching news data through APIs to implementing advanced features like search, bookmarking, and push notifications.

News App in Swift
  • language: Swift 5.0
  • platform: ios
  • device: iphone/ipad
  • license: MIT


Daily News app in swift
Daily News app in swift
Daily News app in swift
Daily News app in swift
Daily News app in swift


I preferred MVVM for this project because its more testable and maintainable than MVC. And VIPER would be an overkill for this project. I have solved binding problem with Functional Programming using RxSwift.


 – Functional Programming with RxSwift
 – Nested collection views.
 – Custom views and layouts
 – Pagination
 – Programmatically UI
 – Unit Tests for networking and view models.


 – Implement side Menu with screen edge pan and tap gestures.
 – Add Unit tests for Search Screen
 – Add refreshing to every screens.
 – Subscribe to errors and show alert.


I will use Apple’s Combine framework and Delegation Pattern for binding in different branches to see cons and pros of three different binding solution for MVVM.

3rd Party Libraries





It is powered by NewsAPI! You should get your free developer API key from NewsAPI and add it to DailyNews/Networking/APISettings.swift.



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