How to make Match 3 Game in ios swift (Swift5, SpriteKit)

Match 3 Game

A Match 3 game is a popular genre of puzzle games where the objective is to match three or more identical items or symbols to clear them from the game board.

These games often feature colorful graphics, engaging gameplay mechanics, and various power-ups or bonuses to enhance the player’s experience.

In iOS Swift, you can create a Match 3 game by utilizing the SpriteKit or UIKit frameworks to handle the game’s visuals, animations, and user interactions.

Match 3 Game in ios swift (Swift5, SpriteKit)
  • language: Swift
  • platform: ios
  • device: iphone/ipad
  • license: –


Here the components and features you might include in your Match 3 game:

  1. Game Board: The game board consists of a grid of cells where the player can match items. Typically, it’s a rectangular layout, and each cell can contain an item or be empty.
  2. Items: Each cell on the game board contains an item, such as colorful gems, candies, or other themed objects. The player’s goal is to match three or more items of the same type by swapping adjacent items.
  3. Swapping Mechanics: The player can swap two adjacent items by either tapping or dragging them. The swap triggers a check for matching combinations. If a match is found, the matched items disappear, and new items fall from the top to fill the empty spaces.
  4. Matching Combinations: Matching combinations occur when three or more identical items align horizontally or vertically. They can be simple combinations or more complex patterns, such as L-shapes or T-shapes. The game checks for matches after each player move or when the board settles after a cascade.
  5. Cascades and Chain Reactions: Cascades occur when matched items disappear, causing the items above them to fall down, potentially creating new matches. Chain reactions happen when new matches are formed as a result of the cascades. Cascades and chain reactions contribute to a higher score and add excitement to the gameplay.
  6. Power-ups and Special Items: To enhance gameplay, you can introduce power-ups or special items that provide additional abilities or benefits. For example, a bomb item might explode and clear a portion of the game board when matched, or a lightning item could clear an entire row or column.
  7. Scoring System: A scoring system keeps track of the player’s progress and performance. Points are awarded for each matched combination, cascade, or chain reaction. You can also include bonuses for making larger matches or using power-ups strategically.
  8. Level Progression: Match 3 games often feature multiple levels or stages with increasing difficulty. Each level may have different objectives, such as reaching a target score, clearing specific items, or collecting certain resources.
  9. Game Over and Progression: The game ends when the player fails to complete the level objectives within a certain number of moves or time limit. Players can then choose to restart the level, continue from the previous checkpoint, or advance to the next level.



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