Quick implementation of Facebook’s Paper app’s photo tilt gesture/UX.

This long writing explains the rich world of UIScrollView in Swift with a focus on the ability to smoothly scroll huge images within your iOS applications. Whether you’re developing an app with photo-rich content, a photo viewer, or a gallery, being able to handle large photos efficiently is essential for offering a user-friendly experience.

We’ll walk you through the necessary strategies and best practises to make sure your app can effortlessly manage photo content of any size. You’ll discover how to optimise memory management and use responsive zoom and pan actions to make your image-focused iOS applications user-friendly and attractive.

Learn how to manage large images with grace and accuracy to explore the complexities of UIScrollView and unleash the potential of your application. Accompany us on this journey as we reveal the methods and strategies underlying flawless photo scrolling in Swift.


  • iOS 8.0 or higher
  • ARC
  • Core Motion


Image Scrolling Using UIScrollView

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