Using SF Symbols in SwiftUI is a straightforward way to add system icons to your iOS app. Here are the steps to integrate SF Symbols into your SwiftUI project:

  • Choose an SF Symbol:
    • First, you need to select the SF Symbol you want to use. You can browse and search for available symbols on Apple’s official SF Symbols app or website.
  • Import SwiftUI and Foundation:
    • In your SwiftUI view or SwiftUI-based app, make sure to import the necessary libraries at the top of your file:
import SwiftUI
import Foundation

Display SF Symbol in Your View:

  • You can display an SF Symbol in your SwiftUI view using the Image view. Here’s an example of how to add a heart icon:
Image(systemName: "heart")
    .frame(width: 30, height: 30)
  • In this code:
    • systemName is set to the name of the chosen SF Symbol (in this case, “heart”).
    • resizable() allows you to resize the image as needed.
    • frame sets the dimensions of the image.
    • foregroundColor lets you specify the color of the symbol.
  • Customize the SF Symbol:
    • You can customize the symbol further by adjusting properties such as .font, .padding, and .background. For example:
Image(systemName: "heart.fill")

In this code, we’re using the “heart.fill” symbol, setting a larger font size, adding padding, changing the background color to blue, and changing the foreground color to white.

  • Use SF Symbols with Text:
    • You can also combine SF Symbols with text in your SwiftUI views. Here’s an example:
Text("Like ")
Image(systemName: "heart.fill")
  • This code creates a “Like” label followed by a heart-filled symbol.
  • Apply SF Symbols to Buttons:
    • To use SF Symbols on buttons, you can incorporate them as labels for buttons. For example:
Button(action: {
    // Your action code
}) {
    HStack {
        Image(systemName: "heart.fill")
  • This code creates a button with the “heart.fill” symbol and the “Like” text.
  • Adapt to Different Symbol Variants:
    • SF Symbols often have variants with different weights (e.g., regular, bold) and styles (e.g., filled, outlined). You can easily switch between these variants by changing the systemName parameter, such as “heart” for regular, “heart.fill” for filled, or “heart.slash” for a slashed version.
  • Run Your App:
    • Build and run your SwiftUI app to see the SF Symbols in action.
Apple’s SF Symbols iOS app

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