Custom WhatsApp Chat app UI Clone

Simple chat app UI using storyboard easy to customize in swift 5.

chat app in ios swift
Custom whatsapp Chat Clone
  • language: Swift 5
  • platform: ios
  • device: iphone
  • license: —





Inverted mode

Adaptive user interface

Custom chat items and input panel

Simple MVC pattern

A chat app UI for iOS written in Swift is the user interface design and implementation for a messaging application running on iOS devices. This type of UI typically includes features such as:

  1. Conversations list: A list of all the conversations a user has with other users, including the most recent messages exchanged.
  2. Chat screen: The interface where users can send and receive messages, including text, emojis, images, and other multimedia content.
  3. User profiles: The user interface for displaying user profiles, including their name, profile picture, and status.
  4. Search function: The ability to search for specific conversations or users.
  5. Notifications: The feature that alerts users when a new message is received.
  6. Settings: The interface for user preferences, including notification settings, theme, and account information.

In Swift, developers can use frameworks such as UIKit, Core Data, and Firebase to build the UI for a chat app on iOS. Swift provides a simple syntax and powerful features, such as optionals, generics, and closures, that can help developers write clean and maintainable code. Furthermore, Apple’s Human Interface Guidelines provide best practices for designing intuitive and user-friendly iOS apps, which can help developers create a great user experience for their chat app.

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