How to make Animated Button in swift

Animated UIButton of Loading Animation and Transition Animation


An animated Button featuring a loading animation.

Enhance user experience by providing visual feedback during long-running processes, such as data retrieval or server communication, keeping users engaged and informed.

How to make Animated Button in swift

Inpired by

I created Animated UIButton of Loading Animation and Transition Animation.

As you can see in the GIF Animation Demo below, you can find the “Sign in” button rolling and after that, next UIViewController will fade-in.

I made them as classes and you can use it with ease.

Objective-C version is here.



Swift 5

pod 'TKSubmitTransition', :git => ''

Swift 4

pod 'TKSubmitTransition', :git => '', :branch => 'swift4'

Swift 3

pod 'TKSubmitTransition', :git => '', :tag => '2.0'

Swift 2 & Below

pod 'TKSubmitTransition', '~> 0.2' 


Drag all the files from SubmitTransition/Classes into your project.



Just drag a UIButton on to your storyboard and change the custom class to TKSubmitTransition in the identity inspector.

Change the settings of the button via the storyboard.

Then create an IBOutlet to your view controller.

How to make Animated Button in swift

You can now move on to Animation Method for further instructions.


You can use TKTransitionSubmitButton just like any other UIButton. It works practically the same.

Add this at the top of your file:

import SubmitTransition

Then create a variable above your view did load for the button

var bin: TKTransitionSubmitButton!

then finally in the view did load add the button

btn = TKTransitionSubmitButton(frame: CGRect(x: 0, y: 0, width: self.view.frame.size.width - 64, height: 44)) =
btn.frame.bottom = self.view.frame.height - 60
btn.setTitle("Sign in", for: UIControlState())
btn.titleLabel?.font = UIFont(name: "HelveticaNeue-Light", size: 14)

Animation Method

Use this to animate your button. Follow the steps in Delegation to setup the transition.

func didStartYourLoading() {

func didFinishYourLoading() {
  btn.startFinishAnimation {
    //Your Transition
    let secondVC = SecondViewController()
    secondVC.transitioningDelegate = self
    self.presentViewController(secondVC, animated: true, completion: nil)


If you are running requests to a server and are waiting a responce, you can use something like this to stop and start the animation:

// start loading the button animations

// run query in background thread
async.background {
  let query = PFQuery(className: "Blah")
  query.whereKey("user", equalTo: user)
	let results = try! query.findObjects()
	if results.count == 0 {
		// insert alertView telling user that their details don't work
	else {
		// return to main thread to complete login
		async.main {
                        // tell the button to finish its animations
			button.startFinishingAnimation(1) {
			        let sb = UIStoryboard(name: "Main", bundle: nil)
	            	        let vc = sb.instantiateViewController(withIdentifier: "MainVC")
			        vc.transitioningDelegate = self
			        self.present(vc, animated: true, completion: nil)


This Library also supply fade-in Animator Class of UIViewControllerAnimatedTransitioning.

Please use This for transition animation.


Make sure your class implements the UIViewControllerTransitioningDelegate protocol like so

class ViewController: UIViewController, UIViewControllerTransitioningDelegate {

Setup the transitioning delegate

secondVC.transitioningDelegate = self

Implement the delegate

Swift 3/4

func animationController(forPresented presented: UIViewController, presenting: UIViewController, source: UIViewController) -> UIViewControllerAnimatedTransitioning? {
  return TKFadeInAnimator(transitionDuration: 0.5, startingAlpha: 0.8)

func animationController(forDismissed dismissed: UIViewController) -> UIViewControllerAnimatedTransitioning? {
  return nil

Swift 2 & Below

// MARK: UIViewControllerTransitioningDelegate
func animationControllerForPresentedController(presented: UIViewController, presentingController presenting: UIViewController, sourceController source: UIViewController) -> UIViewControllerAnimatedTransitioning? {
  let fadeInAnimator = TKFadeInAnimator()
  return fadeInAnimator

func animationControllerForDismissedController(dismissed: UIViewController) -> UIViewControllerAnimatedTransitioning? {
  return nil



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